Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ham & Cheese or Veggie & Cheese Stromboli
Homemade Soup
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Farm Fresh Milk

SATEC Spirit Week
Wednesday, February 18th--Back in Time

Open Doors:
There are no Open Doors activities scheduled today.

There are no Athletic Events scheduled for today.

Uniform Return
As we enter the last week of winter sports we want to remind players that their jerseys need to be handed in to Ms. Rose in the back lobby. All Jerseys need to be washed and placed in the plastic bag that there were given in, along with the sheet that identifies their name, #, and team. There will be a blue bin for students to put the jerseys in. Jersey that are not returned by February 20th will be consider “lost” and those players will receive a bill for $30.00 to help replace it.
This excludes Cheerleading jerseys.Those will be collected at the last practice/game by the coach.