Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chicken Nuggets W/Dipping Sauce
Homemade French Fries
Dinner Roll
Homemade Soup
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Farm Fresh Milk

Parent Conference Sign ups will begin on March 4th.   If you have any questions contact Tammy Deso 752-2700 or tdeso@fcsuvt.org..

Big Change Round Up – Grades K-6 are participating in this fundraiser to benefit the University of Vermont’s Children’s Hospital.    Students received a packet to collect their change in before vacation.  They can bring their change to either office to put in the big jar.  The last day for collection will be March 4, 2015.

5th-8th graders create art working together.

Students who participated in creating this beautiful artwork.

8th Graders: Sadie Barrett, Kylie Callan, Cassidy Conner, AJ Holscheiter, Evan Lykens, Julia Scott, Kyra Trimm, Mac Kennedy, Zach Ryea, Linsey Larrow, Michael Quesnel, Zach Perry, Shane Mapes, Kolby Church, Cassidy Conner, Helen Barrow, Jess Giroux, Kevin Frett, Emma Tetreault, Karen McDaniel.

7th Graders: Isaac Burleson, Anthony Rouleau, Dylan Lamson, Sadie Callan, Noah Gilbert, William Esancy, Jorrie Simpson, Matt Konrad, Rebecca Ogden, Thomas Cuddy, Josh Reynolds, Julie Parent, Sophie Brown, Robbie Rivers, Cole Desotell, Angela Dou, Hannah Adams, Lucas Boucher, Cole Boudreau, Kyle Houle, Jack Weishaar, Taylor Root.

6th Graders: Emma Putnam, Zoey Bunbury, Autumn Couturier.

5th Graders: Carmella DeGregorio, Kate Reilly

The puzzle was put together by: Matt Konrad, Noah Gilbert and Thomas Cuddy.

Open Doors:
Open Doors Spring Session will begin on Monday, March 16th.
Brochures will be distributed in classrooms on March 5th.