Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pasta w/Meat or Garden Marinara Sauce, Garlic Breadstick, Fruit and Veggie Bar, Fresh Milk
Yogurt, Or Sunbutter & Jelly, OR Deli Sandwich, OR Salad Bar, OR Pizza

Mangahigh is an on-line games based math site that is designed to provide instruction and practice of math skills in a fun and engaging manner.  The educational content within Mangahigh is based on the core standards. Each game covers certain learning topics and is designed to dynamically adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student.

One of the aspects of Mangahigh are occasional "fai-to" competitions that our school participates in.  "Fai-to" is a Japanese word for 'battle'.  SATEC recently competed in a fai-to that ended Saturday against Midwest Academy in Carmel, Indiana.  The first school to win five 24-hour rounds wins the entire battle and gets any trophies the other school has possession of.   Each round has a "Hero"--the student that earned the most medals during that round.   

SATEC easily defeated Midwest Academy winning the first 5 rounds.  Four of the five round heros were from 7th grade. Congrats to SATEC students who earned 440 medals during the 5 days and "upgraded" their math skills along the way!

In addition, SATEC has moved into 13th place overall in the North American Math Challenge (we started last week in 53rd place).  

The Cross Country Team has picked up a “mock meet” Tuesday, September 17th at Georgia Middle School.   
This will take place of the MVU meet that was cancelled. This will just be a practice run to prepare our runners for the season. 5-8 girls start time is at 4:00,  5-8 boys will begin shortly after. The bus will leave at 3:15 students will be dismissed at 3:10.

5/6 Green Girls and Boys will travel to Grand Isle Tuesday (9/17). Girls game begins @ 4:30 and the boys game begins @ 5:30

** The games against City School have been rescheduled for the following dates and times:
10/2- 7th Girls and 7th Boys will be home vs. City (4:15 start)
10/3- 5/6 Girls and Boys Green will be away @ City (4:15 start)