Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 27, 2014

Taco Bar with the Works (Seasoned Taco Meat, Mozz. Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa, and Soft Flour Tortilla), Rice Pilaf, Fruit and Veggie Bar, Homemade Soup, and Fresh Milk
Yogurt, Or Sunbutter & Jelly , Or Deli Sandwich, Or Salad Bar, Or Pizza

Friday, March 28th: 3rd and 4th Grade Concert, 6:30pm in the SATEC Gymnasium

After school Activities for March 27th
Open Doors:
3:30-4:30  6-8 Fitness Team/Insanity Fit,  Gym
3:30-5:00  1-4 For the Art of Recycling, *Students will meet in the cafeteria
3:30-5:00  5-8 Archery  Pelkey’s Archery *Students will board Bus #63 at dismissal.
3:30-5:00   5-8 Iron Chef,  Kitchen
3:30-5:00   2-4 Martial Arts,  Cafeteria

5/6 Boys Green Basketball team will have their season celebration on Thursday 5:00 in the cafeteria and gym. Players’ parents are welcome!