Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 30, 2014

Cheesy Breadsticks, Marinara Sauce, Minestrone Soup, Honey Parsnips, Fresh Fruit and Veggie Bar, Homemade Soup, and Fresh Milk,
Yogurt, Or Sunbutter & Jelly , Or Deli Sandwich, Or Salad Bar, Or Pizza

Intergenerational Walk and Roll to School Day!- May 7th
SATEC is planning activities on Wednesday, May 7th, in the morning, to support students being able to walk or bike to school through our partnership with the Safe Routes to Schools Program.  We will be posting and sending home more information with details and route maps later this week.  The plan is to have two drop off locations (Barlow Street School and Knights of Columbus) for parents to drop off their children with SATEC staff who will help them walk to school in a group.  There will also be several “walking school buses” in the neighborhoods south of the school. (i.e. Orchard Street, Bradley Court/Thorpe Avenue Extension, Tanglewood Drive).  School staff will be at each location walking with students willing to participate.  Parents and grandparents are welcome and encouraged to participate!

After school Activities for April 30th
Drama 3:30-5:00

Open Doors:
3:30-4:30 VKAT *Students will meet in the cafeteria
3:30-4:40  Be Yourself Mentoring Program  *Students will meet in the cafeteria
3:30-5:00 5/6 2Inspire Dance Cafeteria

There are no athletic events scheduled for today.