Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Chicken Patty Sandwich w/Lettuce & Tomato
Oven Baked Potato Wedges
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Vegetable Soup
Farm Fresh Milk

April 27
8th gr.  P/F 9:15-10:45
8th gr.  G/Z 1:00-2:30

April 28
8th gr.  9:15-9:45 (all classes)
8th gr. F/P 1:00-2:30
6th gr all classes 1:40-3:10

April 29
8th gr. G/Z 1:00-2:30
6th gr all classes 10:15-10:45
6th gr all classes 1:40-3:10

April 30
5th gr all classes 9:15-10:45
7th gr all classes 9:00-10:30
3rd gr C/R12:00-1:30

May 1
5th gr all classes 9:15-9:45
7th gr all classes 9:15-9:45
3rd gr C/L 12:00-1:30
Monday, April 20, 2015

Open Doors: 4/27/2015

3/4 2Inspire Dance

3-4 Outside Art
5-8 Intramural Sports
4-8 Drawn to Write
5-8 Magic The Gathering

3:30-5:30  Softball outside
5:30-7:00  Baseball outside

SATEC's K-4 "Someone Special Dance" will be held on
Friday, May 1st from 6:00-7:30 p.m.
SATEC would like to invite you and your "special someone" to an evening of dance"
Open to SATEC students in grades K-4
Formal Attire Required
SATEC Cafeteria
$10.00 for you and your "special someone" $2.00 for any additional guest
All children must accompanied by an adult
A "special someone" can included moms, dads, grandparents, guardians, and other significant family members.