Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July, 5, 2017

Come one, come all! SATEC Open Doors Camps still has openings for the following camps. We are excited to have GymKids Academy, Inc. to be part of our programs for a portion of the day.
Please contact Rose Bedard at mrbedard@fcsuvt.org
or 802-752-2703 to get signed up.

Community Projects Week - July 10-14
Open to incoming students in 1st grade -5th grade
GymKids Academy, Inc. will be running a fun mini-camp as part of LIL FUN SPORT ADVENTURERS CAMP and COMMUNITY  SPORT and ADVENTURERS CAMP!  There is no extra charge, and kids signed up for one of those will get to participate in the description below as part of their day!

Tumble, Tennis and Street Games!

This fun camp will introduce kids to lots of new games and skills!  We'll work on the mats to learn or perfect cartwheels, rolls, leaps and more! Can you do a cat leap? Walk the walls like Spider-Man? We'll even learn a fun routine! For tennis, we'll use the USTA QuickStart games, lower pressure balls and smaller equipment to learn hand-eye coordination and have success the first time! How can we use a stuffed animal or beanbags to learn tennis and strengthen? Street Games are popular in many cities around the world. We'll have fun learning how to play Skellzies (also known as Scully), jacks, Chinese Jump Rope, and all sorts of games using real Spaldeens, like handball, punchball, boxball, flip the stick..the classics!  On Thursday, we'll have a GymShow for parents and friends, showing off what we learned and engaging the audience in fun games.

The Arts Week - July 17-21
Open to students in incoming 1st-8th.

GymKids Academy, Inc. will be running a fun mini-camp as part of UNDER THE BIG TOP! There is no extra charge, and all campers signed up for UTBT will get to participate in the description below as part of the day!!


This cool camp will introduce kids to lots of new skills! We'll work on 8-counts with fun activities and use them throughout the week.  Campers will learn easy, cool dances to appropriate popular music following counts and patterns. We'll have fun learning stretching and strengthening while being a frog, "doing the laundry, making spaghetti," and playing games. Campers will learn mat skills, learning or perfecting cartwheels, roundoffs, leaps and rolls! Have you ever seen an Eggroll? We'll even get to juggle, balance feathers and be a human ring toss! We'll get stronger with fitness games, learn or perfect cheer arm motions, positions, and cool chants! There will be a GymShow on Thursday for family and friends!

 SATEC Open Doors Summer Opportunity Camps

Open Doors after school program is excited to offer three weeks of camps starting July 10th. Camps are offered to students in grades 1-8.
Brochures have been distributed to homerooms with an extended deadline of June 9th.We have still have opening for the following camps.
July 10-14  Cooking in the community, Community Adventure and Lil Sport  Camps, Glee for our Community and Awesome Art Camp.
July 17-21 Under the Big Top and Raise you Voice
July 24-28  School of Rock Camp, Fun and Sport Camp, Natures Art Camp.

If you have any questions please contact After Schools Programs Coordinator, Rose Bedard at 802-752-2703 or mrbedard@fcsuvt.org.