Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cheesy Breadsticks
Marinara Sauce
Butternut Squash Soup
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Homemade Soup
or Yogurt or Sunbutter and Jelly or Deli Sandwich or Pizza

We will NOT be walking this Wednesday (12/3) due to the poor weather forecast.   Please check back.  We will try to walk one Wednesday in December (weather permitting).  

Thank you letter shared with Mrs. Stebbins re: Veterans Day event:

16 November 2014
I want to take this opportunity to thank the students, teachers and administrators of Saint Albans Town School for their outstanding support and participation in this year’s Veterans Day parade and ceremony in St. Albans.  Veterans Day is a day set aside for the community to thank the veterans for their service to the country. Too often in today’s world, competing demands take attention away from long held traditions. For many years, the Veterans Day observance has been poorly attended at best. Since the involvement of the schools and the students over the last few years the Parade and ceremony has grown.  The pride and amazement on the faces of the assembled veterans was truly something.  Each of the students that spoke represented their respective schools in a very positive manner. Their messages to the veterans were greatly appreciated. I understand that there is precious time in the day to give your students all the information they need, in order to succeed in what they do. I and all veterans appreciate the fact that community service, tradition, and patriotism are part of the things your school understands and respects and works to instill in today’s youth.
Although it is a year away, the people responsible for the ceremony are already thinking about next year’s event. We look forward to your school again participating in the ceremony and would encourage the youth to either march in the parade or if you have a band that would like to march that would be fantastic. We have already had several inquiries from other veterans groups on how they can participate as well.  With your continued support and the support of the communities, your school and the student will show the rest of the  state and nation what it truly means to honor our veterans.
As a parting thought I would ask that as you look at your students from day to day , pause and look at each one and consider; Is that the veteran we will someday be honoring?
Again a heartfelt thanks for your continued support.
Yours in Comradeship
Timothy P. Hodet

Open Doors (12/3/14):
The fun, excitement and preparation for SATEC’s Winter Extravaganza will continue!
All participants who are scheduled today will meet in the cafeteria at dismissal.
Pick up will be at 5:00 in the back lobby.  

A note of these changes were also sent home with your son/daughter.
Changes for Wednesday’s practice schedule (12/3/2014)
3:30-5:00   7 Girls * This has been a change from the original schedule
5:00-6:30   5/6 Girls (Stage Side)
5:15-6:45   7 Boys ( Hallway Side)  * This has been a change from the original schedule
6:30-8:00   8 Girls

5:00-6:30 Cafeteria