Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Open Faced Buffalo Chicken Calzone
Fresh Carrot Sticks w/Hummus Dip
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Vegetable Soup

PICTURE RETAKES have been canceled for November 20th and have been rescheduled for December 4th.  If your student needs a retake please have them bring back the original packet .  If your student did not get their picture taken and would like to there are packets in the front office.

Message from the FCSU Act 46 Study committee:
Did you know… What happens if one town votes against merging with the larger district?
The FCSU Act 46 Study Committee believes a single, Unified Union district, is the preferred option.  Therefore, all three districts, Fairfield, St. Albans City and St. Albans Town are considered "necessary" for the formation of a new district.
If all three districts vote "yes," then a single Unified Union district is formed covering all three communities. Taxpayers in all three communities will receive the tax incentives.
If any one town votes "no", then no change to governance would occur and Franklin Central Supervisory Union would continue with its four current member school districts (St. Albans City, St. Albans Town, Fairfield, and BFA Union #48).  No tax incentives would be available. http://fcsuvt.org/download/act46.htm. If you have questions not answered there feel free to email them to act46@fcsuvt.org.

SATEC Walking Wednesday
We will be walking this Wednesday, November 18th!!
SATEC Staff supervised walking school bus starting locations 2015-2016:
  • Barlow Street School- Departs at 7:40AM (Mr. Rousselle)
  • Knights of Columbus- Departs at 7:45AM (Cricket, Route 5) (Mrs. Marlow)
  • Intersection of Parsons and Orchard Street - Departs at 7:35 AM (Mr. Madden)
  • Intersection of Thorpe Ave. Ext. and Bradley Court - Departs at 7:35 AM (Sonia, Route 8)  (Mrs. Stebbins)
  • Tanglewood Drive- Departs at 7:40 (Mrs. Curry) to meet up with Mrs. Stebbins at the end of Meadowbrook at 7:45.

SATEC Community Support
SATEC students will be collecting loose change starting Wednesday, November 11 until Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  The change will be used to purchase Helping Hand boxes from Hannafords.  The boxes are used to assist families with extra food during times of need.   

Our local Hannafords has sold the most Helping Hand boxes since the start of the program several years ago!   What a great community we live in!!

If you have any loose change hanging around the house, please send it in with your child anytime during this time period.  Every little bit helps!!!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Thank you!

Do you like to help others? Great!
The CHAMP Community needs your help!
They are sponsoring a diaper drive. Diapers will go to COTS, the Community on Temporary Shelter. You can bring Pull-Ups and/or diapers of any brand or size.
Diapers will be collected until November 30th.
Bring the diapers to your teachers, CHAMP students will collect and tally the diapers donated.
The community that donates the most diapers wins baked goods.The deadline is Nov.30.

SATEC’s Winter Extravaganza Variety Show
We are excited to host our 2nd Annual Winter Extravaganza Variety Show on December 18th.
Open Doors after school program will be offering free workshops for students in grades 3-8 starting Monday,  November 30th leading up to the show on the 18th. Workshops include, dancing, acting and costume design. Brochures will be handed this afternoon.  Come be a part of this awesome show!

After School Activities for Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
1-2 Y.O. - Y.O. Mentoring Program
5-8 Homework Lab

3/4 Boys Basketball with Mr. Konrad
Boys will meet in the locker room hallway

5/6  2INSPIRE Dance
3-4 Cooking with Mrs. King
7-8 Y.O. - Y.O. Mentoring Program

This is the last week of Open Doors for this session excluding next Monday.

3:30-4:30 3/4 Basketball stage side

3:30-5:00 5/6 Boys White (hallway side)
This has been a change from the original schedule

7 Boys (Stage Side)  8Boys Green (Hallway Side)
This has been a change from the original schedule

8 Girls


5:30-7:00  Practice space has been moved to the KIVA for today.