Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cheesy Breadsticks w/Marinara Sauce
Butternut Squash Soup
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Vegetable Soup

SATEC Walking Wednesday
We will be walking this Wednesday, December 9th!!
SATEC Staff supervised walking school bus starting locations 2015-2016:
  • Barlow Street School- Departs at 7:40AM (Mr. Rousselle)
  • Knights of Columbus- Departs at 7:45AM (Cricket, Route 5) (Mrs. Marlow)
  • Intersection of Parsons and Orchard Street - Departs at 7:35 AM (Mr. Madden)
  • Intersection of Thorpe Ave. Ext. and Bradley Court - Departs at 7:35 AM (Sonia, Route 8)  (Mrs. Stebbins)
  • Tanglewood Drive- Departs at 7:40 (Mrs. Curry) to meet up with Mrs. Stebbins at the end of Meadowbrook at 7:45.

SATEC Students displaying their awesome artwork at the District Art Show last week!

Middle School Operation Happiness Canned Food Drive
November 18th-December 11th
5th - 8th Grade Competition

Operation Happiness is a community initiative run by dedicated volunteers that relies heavily on the generosity and support of our community. With over 300 volunteers joining together each year, Operation Happiness is able to provide baskets of food during the holidays to over 1,100 families throughout Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. (fgiunitedway.org)   

Every holiday season, SATEC families give back to the community in various ways. This year, we will be hosting a friendly competition in the middle school to support Operation Happiness.

If you can spare any non-perishable food items, please send them in with your child. This is a competition between grade levels.
Thank you for your contribution to our canned food drive!  

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. For the 2nd year in a row, SATEC will be participating in the Hour of Code. Throughout the day on Wednesday, December 9th all students in grades K-8 will take part in this celebration of Computer Science Education Week (Dec 7-11). Students and teachers will try their hands at step-by-step programming through online and offline activities.
After School Activities for 12/9/2015

3:30-4:30 5-8 Homework Lab

3:30-5:00 3-4 Cooking with Mrs. King

Winter Extravaganza Workshops: 3:30-5:00
5/6 Dance
3-8 Acting

5-7 tumbling group

3:30-5:00 7 Boys (Hallway Side)  5/6 Boys Green (Stage Side)
5:00-6:30  5/6 Girls (Hallway Side) 5/6 Boys White (Stage Side)
6:30-7:45  8 Boys


A Message from the ACT 46 Study Committee:
Did you know… Your ability to address the unified school board directly about issues would not change?
The board members of the new unified district will be elected by the voters of the three towns at the same time the merger is voted on.  All board meetings would be open to the public, and contact information for the board would be available on the district web site.
http://fcsuvt.org/download/act46.htm. If you have questions not answered there feel free to email them to act46@fcsuvt.org.