Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cheesy Breadsticks w/Marinara Sauce
Fruit & Veggie Bar
Vegetable Soup
Farm Fresh Milk

2015 Franklin County K-12 Art Show!!
At the Collins Perley Sports Complex in St. Albans
May 11th-May 18th

SATEC Walking Wednesday

We will be walking this Wednesday, May 13th!!

SATEC Staff supervised walking school bus starting locations 2014-2015:

Barlow Street School- Departs at 7:40AM (Mr. Rousselle or Mr. Corrigan)

Knights of Columbus- Departs at 7:45AM (Cricket, Route 5) (Mrs. Marlow)

Intersection of Parsons and Orchard Street - Departs at 7:35 AM (Mr. Madden)

Intersection of Thorpe Ave. Ext. and Bradley Court - Departs at 7:35 AM (Sonia, Route 8) (Mrs. Stebbins)

Tanglewood Drive- Departs at 7:40 (Mrs. Curry) to meet up with Mrs. Stebbins at the end of Meadowbrook at 7:45.

Open Doors
5/6 2INSPIRE Dance
3/4 Intramural Sports
1/2 Outside Art

Swimming Fun students will meet in the cafeteria at dismissal, then bussed to Branon’s pool at 3:45. Pick up will be at Branon’s Pool at 5:15. Please come inside to pick your child.

Softball and Baseball Host Fairfield at 4:00