Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 15, 2014

Taco Bar with the Works (seasoned taco meat, mozz. cheese, lettuce, salsa, and soft shell tortilla), Rice Pilaf, Fresh Fruit and Veggie Bar, Homemade Soup, and Fresh Milk
Yogurt, Or Sunbutter & Jelly , Or Deli Sandwich, Or Salad Bar, Or Pizza

Important Dates:
Last day of Kindergarten June 13th
Kindergarten Screening June 17th & 18th (by appointment)
8th grade graduation June 18th at 6:00 PM
Tentative last day of school for grades 1-7 June 20th, half day of school, 11:30 dismissal

After school Activities for May 15th:
Open Doors:
3:30-4:30 1-4 Green up and Gardening, *Students will meet in the cafeteria
3:30-4:30  3/4 Intramural Sports,   *Students will meet in the cafeteria
3:30-5:30  5-8 Aviation, Students will meet in the cafeteria and will be bussed to and from the Franklin County Airport. Students will arrive back at SATEC at 5:30pm

Baseball @ Fairfield 4:15
Bus leaves at 3:25
Students dismissed at 3:15